Commercial Window Tinting – Comfort & Savings!

When it comes to the workplace, the comfort of your employees or tenants can go a long way. At the same time, you need to control costs to protect your bottom line. With Tint Crazee’s Window Tinting’s variety of commercial window film options, you can keep your office lit with natural light but without the screen glare and hot spots normally associated with large open windows.
Tint Crazee commercial window tinting offers a protective barrier between your business and the outdoors. It prevents air conditioning from escaping during the summer and cold air from coming indoors during the winter. That means less impact on your HVAC system – and less impact on your utility costs. In fact, on average, business owners see a 15% bump in energy savings once LEED-certified commercial window film is installed and a payback within three years. That’s a great return on investment for your business!
Not only does window tinting cut down energy costs, it also helps with safety protection. Living in the mid-west we see our fair share of tornadoes. Applying residential window tinting can help flying debris from completely breaking the window, giving the it more strength than it had before.
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Tint Crazeee Commercial Window Tinting